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Why do we talk?

We talk to think. There are times when we had an idea, but are unable to clearly articulate it, we would try to talk with somebody to find the right words. Sometime when there are nobody convenient, talking with ourselves serve the same purpose.

We talk to release our emotions. When we are sad, we talk to loosen up ourselves, to release our burden. When we are angry, snapping at somebody does make us feel better.

We talk to amuse ourselves. When I was young, there was this question and answer session by my principal, and I can’t help but asked him “Can we go now?”

And of course we talk to convey information.

Understanding why people talk, help us to avoid misunderstanding, somebody talking to think is probably not trying to imply anything. It is often better to help them complete their thoughts than reacting to their words.

There is always the right way of doing things. Is that real?

Reading western articles about leadership and management is always inspiring. After an executive lost the company several million dollars in a risky venture, expected to be fired, instead was told by his boss – “You can’t be serious. We’ve just spent millions of dollars educating you!”
In contrast with the famous Chinese saying – It doesn’t matter whether it is a white cat or a black cat, a cat that catches mice is a good cat. Both ways seemed world apart.
And of course there is also the local way of doing things, which goes faster, better, and cheaper.
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